Recreational vehicles have become very popular for vacation and leisure trips. Having a smooth vacation where nothing goes wrong is what every family dreams of. However, mishaps and accidents do happen. Misjudging overhead clearance or hitting something due to an obstructed view are common occurrences.


All RVs that are self-driven on public roads are required to have liability insurance. Campers, travel trailers and fifth wheels that can be towed behind a vehicle are normally covered by the vehicle’s insurance. Decisions on whether or not to purchase additional coverage are personal and depend on your situation:

  • What is the total current value of your RV?
  • Does your homeowners insurance cover the personal contents in your RV?
  • Is your RV financed?
  • Is your RV parked in a secure place when not being used?
  • Have you invested a lot of money in upgrades?
  • Would you like to be covered for breakdowns?


All terrain vehicles and golf carts can be great fun in the country. You should be able to enjoy them without worrying about the cost of property damage or injury. Even if your homeowners insurance covers your ATV, the claim may be rejected if it is driven off of your property. ATV policies cover your vehicle on and off premises, include coverage for custom parts and equipment and provide liability higher than the typical homeowners policy. If you are interested in a stand-alone policy, motorcycle policies encompass ATVs, golf carts, mopeds, scooters and snowmobiles. For more information, visit our Motorcycle page.



If you are interested in being covered for emergency vacation expenses, breakdowns or total loss replacement, you need to explore an RV insurance policy.  Compare the cost of the coverage with the risk.  Sometimes companies will offer a discount if you have your auto insurance with the same company or proof of prior insurance.  Maintain information such as year, make, model, VIN# and other details on your equipment. 



ATV/Golf Carts